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Frontend Developer


Tasks & ResponsibilitiesFrontend Developer

• Setting up and owning the front end layer (HTML/JS/CSS) for desktop, tablet, mobile websites, as well as mobile web applications
• Creating design patterns, implementing interaction & visual designs, ensuring browser compatibility and reusability

Requirements Frontend Developer

• Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or equivalent field
• Front End engineer/architect
• Expert knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and various cross browser quirks
• Good knowledge of at least two JavaScript framework or toolkit (jQuery, ExtJS, YahooUI, Mootools)
• Expert knowledge of the web stack, front-end architecture and optimization
• Preferably mobile / responsive design experience
• Interaction or Visual design experience a plus
• Experience with the following technologies:
• Unix/Linux and LAMP stack (or similar)
• Javascript frameworks like jQuery, Backbone, nodejs
• Since our software is used by millions of people, experience in creating highly scalable web applications is a plus
• Proficient English speaker


Our client achieves a top position in the Netherlands with diverse online titles.

• Working with Dutch and International Colleques; working language is English.
• The company set up various developer meetups
• Flexibility in choice of technology and able to switch between languages and technologies
• Working closely with a talented team of product, interaction and visual designers
• Hackatons once in a while so you can play with new technologies and show your creativity

Software Development Team

About Software Development:

• Building great products
• Coding
• Agile and lean, continuous integration
• Working on the latest hardware
• Work hard, play hard
• Lots of responsibility
• Stay sharp, you don’t want to end up on the Cobol graveyard!

Technology Stack:
• Language agnostic but mostly Python, PHP and some Java
• Mobile: iOS and Android apps with the phonegap framework
• Backends: MySQL, Redis, Memcached, Google Appengine
• Frontend: Flask, Pjax, Jinja, Smarty, Moustache, Zepto, Backbone, etc.

Opinions about Software Developmant:
• The problem defines the programming language and not the other way around. C++ and Java versus Python, Ruby and PHP: it is a matter of the problem domain
• Optimizing efficiency and productivity is a constant focus. Nothing more annoying than slow systems, poor unit testing facilities or patching bad code instead of refactoring.
• the management exists to facilitate the best possible working conditions and decision-making doesn’t require going through several management layers
• Working with team rooms with max. 5 people

Labour Condidions

Salary depending on experience. For expats the organisation will facilitate with housing, relocation and paperwork.




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