Specialists from your Sector

Welcome to Sector Recruitment! We are an international recruitment agency, an expert in sourcing and selecting talent for specific niches. We focus on the Telecom and Semicon sector. We are part of the X-Group, the holding in which technical recruiter Xelvin operates. Our consultants are specialists in their fields. Developments, context, they speak the language and know what is going on. For candidates as well as customers, we understand your challenges! Quality and certaintiy for cliensts and applicants - Our network makes business succesfull for Sector Recruitment. It includes a large number of organizations in the brache and an extensive group of candidates. We invest in relationships and offer a great service. We have a clear vision and method in our recruitment and selection process: quality and certainty for both client and candidate. Our experience, network and use of assesment tools makes us find the right candidate for a position. We are specialists in hiring the right person!
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